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A DTC Creative Action Plan: Rapidly Evolving Messaging During Coronavirus Turmoil

The coronavirus pandemic has called into question every aspect of advertising strategy in ways never seen before. It’s not your typical financial crisis – it’s a crisis with a call to arms. Within everyone there is a power to win – inspiring global voluntary action, all while many are suffering. This is the new zeitgeist that informs […]

A DTC Advertising Action Plan: Effective Ad Management Through Coronavirus Turmoil

Every brand today is evaluating the current environment for its people, communities and customers. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands specifically rely heavily on advertising to acquire and build direct relationships with customers, which makes understanding the current state of advertising critical. For DTC brands, there are unique tools to deploy for quickly understanding the current marketplace, making […]

How UX Can Shape DTC Brand Strategy

Direct-to-consumer brands disrupt traditional ways of doing business, with their delivery of a fundamentally different and improved user experience (UX) at its core. This UX is derived from a culture of engineering and software with very clear strategies, paired with a business need to deliver a desirable product…

AI Will Disrupt Advertising Media, But Not the Way You Think

AI will certainly disrupt advertising, but it has almost nothing to do with chatbots. Where Siri or Alexa’s natural language processing enables human-machine interactions, AI in advertising media management will enable interactions between a machine and a marketplace.