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Keys to Baby Boomer Marketing




While many digital marketers may focus their efforts heavily on younger demographics, ignoring (or at least not fully understanding) baby boomers would be a costly mistake. 

With substantial buying power and a unique set of preferences and behaviors, baby boomers are more comfortable than ever with online transactions. There’s a goldmine of opportunities for businesses willing to make the effort to understand how to engage and convert them into customers.

Understanding Baby Boomers

Born between 1946 and 1964, this sizable demographic holds a considerable portion of the market’s total purchasing power. At over 70 million strong, baby boomers are the generation with the most significant spending power at $2.6 trillion.

Baby Boomers’ Digital Habits

Contrary to popular belief, baby boomers are catching up with the digital revolution. They may not be native digital users but they have shown adaptability. While the older end of the generation may prefer accessing the internet via desktop computers, more and more baby boomers are getting comfortable shopping online with mobile apps. 

This generation, having been middle-aged during the boom of home computers and internet usage, exhibits an underrated ability to navigate a wide range of digital tools for their online shopping experiences.

Social Media Habits

Baby boomers are active on social media, but their usage patterns and platform preferences differ markedly from those of younger generations. Facebook emerges as the clear favorite for catching up with friends and sharing content, but YouTube is not too far behind.

Video Content Preferences

When it comes to video content, baby boomers prefer informative, slow-paced videos over fast-paced, gif-heavy content. This preference opens avenues for marketers to engage this demographic through well-structured videos that provide value through education and entertainment. Sharing video content that resonates with baby boomers can lead to higher engagement levels, with this group being more likely to share content they find useful or interesting.

Marketing Strategies for Baby Boomers

Content Marketing Tips

Clear, straightforward content free of jargon and internet slang is important when targeting baby boomers. This generation appreciates detailed information, especially if it helps them make informed decisions. Shopping guides, reviews, and how-to videos are particularly effective, as they align with baby boomers’ preference for content that offers practical value.

Optimizing for Mobile

Despite their preference for desktops, a growing number of baby boomers use smartphones for browsing the internet and using social media apps. Therefore, optimizing content for mobile is essential to ensure a seamless experience across all devices. This includes making clickable elements easy to navigate, using large fonts, and planning content layout for vertical viewing.

Price Sensitivity and Value Proposition

Baby boomers are a price-conscious generation, often looking for the best value. Marketers should not shy away from presenting pricing information upfront, especially when it comes to high-ticket items. Emphasizing the value proposition of products and services can help attract boomers who appreciate knowing what they’re getting for their money.

Marketing to baby boomers requires a blend of traditional and digital strategies. By understanding their unique preferences and adapting your approach accordingly, you can unlock a lucrative market segment that values quality, authenticity, and transparency.

Effective Advertising Channels and Messages

As we continue to explore how to effectively market to baby boomers, it’s important to understand the best channels and messages to reach them.

Preferred Advertising Channels

Utilizing platforms where boomers are most active is key to effectively reaching this demographic. Google paid search, Facebook, and LinkedIn advertising are essential channels for targeting baby boomers. Email marketing also holds significant potential, as they are more likely than other generations to open emails and engage with the content​​​​.

Crafting Effective Ads

When creating ads aimed at baby boomers, it’s vital to avoid stereotypes and use clear, straightforward language. Emphasizing the product’s value and benefits without resorting to slang or overly trendy expressions will help your message resonate more effectively. Trust and transparency are paramount, so ensure your ads reflect these values​​​​.

The Power of Trust and Transparency

Building trust with baby boomers cannot be overstated. This generation values brand reputation, simplicity, and transparent communication. Ensure your marketing efforts highlight these aspects, from the ad copy to the customer service experience​​.

By tailoring your marketing strategies to the preferences and behaviors of baby boomers, you can tap into a demographic that possesses significant buying power and is loyal to brands they trust. This comprehensive approach to understanding and engaging baby boomers will enable you to develop effective marketing campaigns that resonate with this valuable audience.

To learn more about this generation’s commercial habits, download our free Boomers Digital Shopping Trends report.