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Case Study: Revolutionizing CTV with Custom AI Algorithms




Rain the Growth Agency partnered with Chalice Custom Algorithms to support a DTC apparel brand in driving and optimizing against both brand awareness and direct response ROAS. Our collaboration proved the feasibility of achieving both within a singular OTT/ CTV campaign through the implementation of an AI and machine learning-powered custom algorithm. The algorithm was tailored to prioritize and optimize across a combination of multiple data sets in real time spanning brand lift, conversion and media quality.

The Challenge

Traditionally, brand awareness and direct response have been seen as conflicting objectives. We set out to challenge this notion by developing an innovative Transactional Brand Building algorithm, aiming to optimize both brand lift and platform conversions simultaneously in real-time.

Building the Solution

Our strategy seamlessly integrated data from Lucid, a Cint Company’s, brand lift measurement with pixel-based platform conversion data. The algorithm linked impression and conversion data to brand lift study responses, honing in on signals that triggered positive responses. A continuous feedback loop of data and insight fed into the algorithm was then established, leading to marked performance improvements over time, taking advantage of the ability to quickly turn insight into action. Leveraging survey insights, we discovered an unexpected receptive demographic, distinct from our primary target audience, which the algorithm optimized into to drive incremental reach and new customer sales.

Moreover, we capitalized on The Trade Desk’s TV Quality Impression (TVQI) score. Higher- performing publishers correlated with elevated TVQI scores, prompting the algorithm to optimize for more premium and high-quality publishers. This strategic shift significantly bolstered overall campaign performance.

Showcasing Results

  1. Brand lift: Achieved 25%+ above benchmark brand lift, showcasing the harmonization of brand awareness and direct response within a unified initiative.
  2. ROAS: Delivered above client goal return on ad spend, proving high awareness media does drive sales and revenue.
  3. MMM Validation: Post-campaign analysis through Leavened’s Marketing Mix Model confirmed the campaign’s effectiveness and OTT’s outsized impact within the channel mix.
    1. Overall ROAS was on par with social media and paid search channels
    2. OTT was the top performing channel for driving incremental new customers

This article is featured in Media Impact Report No. 51. View the full report here.

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