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Image of Jheni


Manager, Talent Management

Beaverton, OR

Favorite part of our culture

“1: People are respectful, kind, helpful and smart. 2: The entrepreneurial spirit that our agency was built on is alive and well. Employees are allowed and encouraged to constantly improve processes, strategies, etc. The agency is in a constant stage of growth and improvement.”

Project I'm proud of

“Managing our wellness and fundraising programs, which encourage employees to stay fit and support our communities. Employees have recently shown their incredible generosity by purchasing gifts for local kids in need and raising funds for victims of the war in Ukraine. ”

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Image of Perlita


Senior Media Planner

Hermiston, OR

Favorite part of our culture

“Our end-of-week virtual meeting called "wins." We each get to share a work or personal win and share a story/favorite thing related to the week's theme. It's a great time celebrating all the great work we’re doing and getting to know our colleagues on a deeper level!”

Project I'm proud of

“I’m proud of how our team strategically breaks through the noise by aligning with “of the moment” media and events. I've worked on campaigns that feature sports legends like Simone Biles, Dawn Staley, Sue Bird, and Megan Rapinoe, and household names like Ted Danson.”

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Image of Hannah


Senior Data Operations Specialist

Minneapolis, MN

Favorite part of our culture

“I love that the agency lets me do what I love with numbers, the way I want, in my oddball unique way: seeing how those numbers play out, where they find their rightful homes, how they interrelate with processes, and in the end paint a picture of what is actually happening.”

Project I'm proud of

“I've loved being a part of the nuances and intricacies of the ongoing development and enhancement of our Tracker media tracking business system over so many years. I am so proud of the unique brains and approaches of each person who plays architect in our systems.”

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Image of Stasia


Associate Director, Paid Search

Philadelphia, PA

Favorite part of our culture

“The flexibility with our working hours and the emphasis on work/life balance. In the remote world, understanding when and how your team works and accommodating that creates a calm, inviting workplace to come log onto every day.”

Project I'm proud of

“The development of process, templates, workflow, and sophisticated search strategies. With a wide array of clients across a myriad of verticals, no day is the same and neither is the approach to strategy. This cultivates a workplace that pushes us to think outside the box.”

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Image of Mark


Analytics Manager, Data Visualization

Las Vegas, NV

Favorite part of our culture

“Even though we work remotely, people actually go out of their way to get to know each other! From casual chats to checking in on each other, our team builds culture while allowing for a flexible work environment. And our employees in Las Vegas get together in person as well.”

Project I'm proud of

“I am proud to be helping start the new Data Visualization team at Rain. Visualization of our client data through dashboards and reports is a large task for the agency, and I have been excited to be part of this process for the agency and give this a unique focus.”

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Image of Steve


Client Development Director

Portland, OR

Favorite part of our culture

“My favorite part about my team's culture is our love of food, despite not currently having a restaurant or F&B client partner. We have Slack channels, emojis and time carved out in weekly meetings, all to talk about our food escapades.”

Project I'm proud of

“I'm most proud of two high-profile media buys I executed: the first was a billboard in Times Square, and the second was announcer reads in the audio broadcast of a Super Bowl for a former tax client--I'm claiming to be the first Rain buyer to secure a [radio] spot in the big game.”

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Image of Artem


VP, Digital Analytics

Oregon City, OR

Favorite part of our culture

“Being part of the same CREW means helping each other head in a common direction and achieve goals together. I appreciate the agency culture that enables this—and the transparency in all areas of work that it makes possible.”

Project I'm proud of

“We work with clients who innovate and achieve success through smart strategies and new technology. It's fun to tackle new analytics challenges in emerging categories like virtual reality and OTT because it lets us push the boundaries of traditional marketing and measurement.”

“I am proud to work with teams across the company across every different project in order to get a view of all the great work we do”

— Jimmie,
Senior Accountant, Client Finance

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Toward the goal of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace (and world), we’re currently working on:

  • Developing a set of conscious practices that seek to understand and appreciate the interdependence of humanity, cultures, and the natural environment
  • Defining and setting up intentional practices that support belonging and representation in the workplace
  • Identifying and eliminating structural and institutional barriers that cause outcome disparities, especially those that impact underrepresented groups
  • Challenging the status quo by proactively discussing diversity with clients in creative and audience targeting

Our vision is that everyone who works at and with Rain the Growth Agency understands what DEI means to us and how to apply that understanding to create and maintain an equitable workplace—for the people we hire, the work we do, the clients we serve, and the culture we create.

Man working from home pours himself a cup of coffee

True flexibility means people-first

People like the freedom of working from wherever is most convenient, or scenic, or peaceful. Or has the best coffee. And being a flexibility-focused agency lets us hire people for what they’re great at, not where they happen to live.

We also genuinely like each other and miss some of the great things about being together. So we’re exploring new ways to facilitate facetime. Like upgrading our Portland headquarters with collaboration and community in mind. And hosting pop-up offices in places like Napa, Las Vegas, Miami…who knows? Maybe even Paris.

Our Values

Be courageous

We innovate. Participate. We’re not afraid to deviate and we empower others to do the same. They zig? We zag. We have courage. To speak. To act. To try. To be. We’re brave. Because being brave is easy when everyone has your back.


Value relationships

We care about the people we work with and the relationships we build. We’re honest, open and receptive to one another. We have mutual respect, from clients to colleagues to vendors. Then we play hard together. ‘Cause having fun at work isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must have. And yes, participation counts.


Commit to excellence

We do whatever it takes, for however long it takes (even when it’s hard). We deliver above and beyond for clients, for investors and, most importantly, for ourselves. And we deliver when others say it can’t be done. We keep learning. Keep teaching. Keep improving. And we raise the bar higher than the moon.


Have a winning spirit

We beat the control. Beat the competition. We push ourselves to be the best. We motivate our troops and move in for the win. Because we know that with great competition comes outstanding performance.