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Why Fix The Unbroken?

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Last weekend, while on the East Coast for business, I had a chance to visit my big brother, Don. During dinner, I was eager to tell him that we were about to change the name of R2C Group; this is something I’d been working on for many months and was super excited to share the news. He thought for a few seconds and then asked, in an all-knowing older-brotherly way; “why fix what isn’t broken?” After I got over my moment of little-sister indignation, I realized he had a point. After all, changing a company name is difficult. It’s expensive, time-consuming, requires lawyers, art directors and designers, everything needs to be updated, every contract, bank accounts, building signage, video slates, domain names, websites, e-mail signatures—it’s endless. And then there is the company legacy to consider.

So, why fix the unbroken?

For over 21 years our agency has been at the forefront of Direct to Consumer (DTC) marketing. As we’ve helped our clients grow and evolve, we’ve changed too. We have essentially become a new company. We need to spread the word to people who thought they already knew everything about us. The most powerful way to do that is to rebrand.

Don was curious about what was new. So, I explained. What do you call it when a little sister explains things to her older brother? “Sibsplaining”?

In 2019, R2C Group had one of its most successful years in its 21-year history—a growth spurt driven by our digital expertise, especially digital video, coupled with our reputation for high-touch client service. We’ve also received loads of recognition for driving transformational growth for well-known e-commerce brands like Chewy, Peloton and 23andMe.

Next, we were finally in the spotlight for being the cool kids on the block because we drive measurable business results super efficiently. Look around; it is now fashionable to be in the DTC business. This shift is the result of the ever-changing retail landscape and the rise of e-commerce. It is imperative for marketers to foster direct relationships with their customers and be highly ROI data driven. Suddenly buzz words like, “CAC, CPR, Average order, Lifetime Value” are being thrown around board rooms all over the country. Finally, big brands are speaking our language. How refreshing.

We are not only media data geeks, but also creative souls. We understand the complex interaction of creativity, media and analytics. By coining the phrase, “Transactional Brand Building” we own a distinct marketing philosophy. It means, simply, driving sales and brand KPI’s at the same time—with the same creative. It means being fully accountable to sales and ROI while also being intentional about building a strong brand for the long term. It sounds like common sense, but it requires a very unique blend of skills and experience within an agency to pull off the “direct plus brand” cohabitation without making tradeoffs on either side.

Also, we wouldn’t have become so successful without a very firm technology spine; something we have built from day one. As we grew, we have been quietly investing millions of dollars developing proprietary media tracking software, media attribution models and audience targeting tools that work. We also have built a full analytics team to ensure we are on the cutting edge of service, providing clients with the best tools to drive the most efficient media decisions possible.

Don was getting antsy by now. But I wanted to tell him one more thing:

A huge challenge agencies and clients are facing right now is recruiting and retaining key talent. This is especially evident in the digital space. But at our company we’ve created a great culture where top talent not only stays but flourishes. I’m proud to say that 24% of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years. As a result, we’ve been retaining clients for much longer than the industry average. Recently many of our new clients have decided they now need to consolidate their marketing efforts with a full-service agency that can consistently focus and build their business efficiently.

So, big brother, I appreciate your honesty, and thanks for making me dig a bit deeper, you really helped me perfect my pitch. I’m so fortunate to be CEO of a kick ass company I helped found. A company that has proven itself and is ready for the next leap. A company with a name that is easy to say and easy to spell. A name that harkens to the company’s roots in the Pacific Northwest. A name that conveys the company’s role as a catalyst for growth. A name that our employees and clients will be honored to put alongside their own. The new name, I am very proud to announce, is Rain the Growth Agency.

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