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Virtual Event Recap: Reach Back As We Rise

Thought Leadership

How can Black talent break into the advertising industry and how can allies provide support? Panelists shared their stories of breaking into the industry and professional tips. We have found that Black talent rarely secured their position through the traditional application process. Instead, it often began as a conversation with someone who became their sponsor or advocate within these companies, who then opened their network by offering them a referral or even a position on their team. These conversations took place at gyms, through cold email outreach, at conferences, on trains, and even at work. Our panelists highlighted these journeys and shared resources on how to break into the advertising industry.

Amelia Bowie, Brand Director – 72andSunny
Bianca Reed, VP of Client Development – Rain the Growth Agency
Rick Cornett, Senior Account Executive – Warner Bros. Entertainment
Tiffany Golden, Producer – Wieden + Kennedy

Five Tips for Job Seekers: Download the takeaway resource document here.

  1. Do the research on the company
  2. Research the industry
  3. Ask for informational interviews
  4. Network, network, network
  5. Tailor your resume for each opportunity

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