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Mercari Registers Increase in Brand Equity from Big Game Ad



Mercari, the popular online marketplace, registered measurable growth in brand equity after the Big Game on February 7, 2021. According to The Harris Poll’s website, the 2021 Brand Bowl Index “reveals the impact Super Bowl LV’s commercials (or the lack thereof) had on brand equity for both emerging and established brands.”

Mercari achieved the third largest increase in brand equity–the perceived value of a company based on its reputation with its audience–after the post-game survey (administered February 8-9, 2021). The pre-game survey was fielded between February 1-7, 2021, per the website.

Mercari ranked in the top 10 for three other brand attribute metrics: momentum (6th), quality (7th), familiarity (10th).

Rain the Growth Agency produced the “Goodbye, Hello” campaign that the Big Game commercial is a part of. As Mercari’s agency of record, the agency also executed the media buy with CBS. This is believed to be the first time a women-founded and women-led advertising agency both produced the creative campaign and secured the media for a Big Game ad.

The spot aired at 7:57pm Eastern time, placing it in the second-highest rated quarter hour of the game, Mercari was one of only a few brands to air a :15-second spot in the national broadcast. The Big Game drew nearly 92 million viewers, according to Nielsen.