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Rain the Growth Agency Puts Insights At Clients’ Fingertips



Rain the Growth Agency is making TV response attribution and optimization insights a truly hands-on experience for its clients through its proprietary analytics tool, Signal Link™.

The performance-minded, full-service advertising agency has been on the forefront of developing proprietary measurement methodology and reporting processes for the last decade. Signal Link™, one of the earliest tools its analytics team developed, uses an advanced algorithm to attribute the minute-level web activity (visits, sign-ups, app downloads) that TV airings generate for online businesses. It exists as part of an expansive platform of tools developed by Rain the Growth Agency that measure business impact, from sales and revenue to brand metrics like awareness and consideration.

“Signal Link™ is the first application we’re making available as a product of the agency’s larger strategy of migrating our industry-leading tools to modern cloud architectures,” Rain the Growth Agency’s CTO Rian Schmidt explained. “We’re providing greater accessibility and enhanced visualization of results for our remote teams and our clients.”

Prior to this year, the spike-above-baseline algorithm and visualization tool had only been accessible to the agency’s internal media teams via Tracker™, its proprietary planning, buying, analysis, and reporting platform. Empowered by Signal Link™, both internal teams and client partners can determine the immediate impact of individual ad instances. Impact is measured against dynamically adjusting baselines during which no ads are being aired.

Reporting outputs include cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and response-volume accumulated via spot-level performance reports. These key performance indicators are aggregated into daily reports, allowing for rapid analysis of stations, dayparts, creative, formats, and more.

“These insights become even more powerful when they’re examined alongside output from our Marketing Mix Model and latent response optimization tool, WaveCast™,” Rain the Growth Agency’s President and COO Jane Crisan said.

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