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Currencies, Clean Rooms, and the Up/Newfronts

In May 2022, Rain the Growth Agency's media team participated in the Upfront and Newfront presentations. These events represent updates from our media partners including new programming, attribution partnerships, distribution updates, and more.

Media Impact Report #24 | Advertising Marketplace Updates

In this edition: Linear TV is in high demand, so advertisers need to plan ahead and secure inventory in advance. The Upfronts will continue through May, virtually. Consumer privacy updates are impacting platform targeting, tracking and measurement

Media Impact Report #22 | Advertising Marketplace Updates

In this edition: Apple will soon limit the ability to utilize the IDFA for mobile app targeting and tracking. TV viewership leveled off at the end of 2020 across cable and broadcast. Our agency has a comprehensive approach to ensure brand-safe environments for our clients’ campaigns.

Media Impact Report #21 | COVID-19 Pandemic Advertising Ecosystem Impact

In this edition: Companies should start preparing for a future where customer data is legally protected. The 2020 holiday season has been driving historically high online sales, while in-store foot traffic decreases. The media marketplace continues to be competitive heading into Q1.