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Advertising in women's sports: a winning opportunity for brands

a winning strategy

Connecting Brands With Fans

HypeHer connects brands with women's sports media opportunities

Women's sports are acquiring new fans at more than double the rate of general sports.* HypeHer, a dedicated practice area of Rain the Growth Agency, identifies women's sports media opportunities and helps brands capitalize on the steadily increasing viewership of women's sports, the rise in female athletes' social influence and the relatively low cost of entry.


Elevating Female Athletes for Brand Growth

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Driving significant growth across all channels

  • OOFOS, the global leader in Active Recovery footwear, has put women's sports and athletes at the center of their "OOCrew".
  • The campaigns highlighted how all-star athletes like basketball legend Dawn Staley, aerial skier Ashley Caldwell, and boxing phenom Alycia Baumgardner incorporate OOFOS in their daily Active Recovery routines.
  • Rain the Growth Agency worked closely with media partners such as NBC, ESPN and CBS to develop and execute integrated creative and media strategies, buys and partnerships to get OOFOS content in front of their target audiences during the NCAA women's basketball tournament, WNBA games, the Olympic games and key sporting events.

Marketing dollars go further in women's sports


increase in CPM cost-effectiveness to invest in the 2023 NCAA women's basketball championship game vs. the men's championship game

Source: Nielsen


higher media entry rate for the men's NCAA basketball championship game compared to the women's game

Source: Nielsen

Extended reach through social media

0 billion

impressions from 2023 NWSL draft-related social media content

Source: Wasserman Collective

0 million

video views across all WNBA social media handles in 2022. A record-setting increase of 36% from 2021

Source: WNBA

Dedicated fans, committed consumers


fans that would go out of their way to support brands that sponsor women's sports—which trends higher for Gen Z at 63% and Millennials at 66%.

Source: Kantar

Meet The Fans

An active community of media consumers

MRI-Simmons projects that nearly 37 million U.S. adults make up the audience of women's sports fans. We've identified these top characteristics:

  1. 1

    Consume content across all screens—especially streaming and social media

  2. 2

    Want to connect with the female athletes they admire in every way possible

  3. 3

    Support brands that invest in women's sports

  4. 4

    Support brands that support causes they believe in

We go beyond just a sponsorship

Our integrated full-service offering marries media, content and creative to create a halo effect for brands to achieve transformational growth.

  • Strategy & Research
  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Media Partnerships
  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
  • Creative
  • Analytics

*According to Sports Innovation Lab.

Women's Sports Research

Women's Sports: How Fans are Viewing and Engaging

In this free research report, we survey the fans fueling the rapid and continuous growth in women's sports viewership to provide insights for advertisers looking to engage with this audience.

View the Report

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