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Generate sales and awareness with DRTV advertising

The impact and efficiency of DRTV has enabled us to turn dozens of brands into household names. We can do the same for you.

Your DRTV Experts

A modern approach to direct response marketing campaigns

Our DRTV campaigns maintain traditional selling best practices while recognizing the sophistication of digital consumers.

Rain Drop

We pair our proven creative formula with nimble in-house production capabilities to develop modular assets that we test within a continuous linear TV and CTV media performance feedback loop. Our aggressive optimization strategies allow client partners to hit their cost per acquisition targets time and time again.

Expand your brand’s reach with DRTV advertising

Direct response television advertising (DRTV) enables brands to cost-effectively reach large audiences and turn their investment into leads and sales. Using linear TV and CTV, we can efficiently reach any audience, driving immediate sales and building game-changing levels of awareness.

With over 25 years of experience successfully driving sales and building brands, we’re one of the largest and most recognized producers and buyers of DRTV in the U.S. In fact, our roots are in DRTV advertising, and we’re also one of the largest buyers of guaranteed performance TV media in the country.

Proven experience with leading brands

Our reputation and sophisticated approach has led us to be the DRTV agency of record for both big household name brands as well as up-and-coming marketers. Our expertise extends to short-form, long-form and every DRTV commercial length in between.

Brands who have been successful with Rain the Growth Agency’s DRTV approach:

What We Bring

The DRTV agency experience, relationships and full-service capabilities you need to succeed

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A seasoned team of experts

Our highly skilled team across the U.S. has extensive experience in DRTV, many with more than 10 years of direct response media management tenure.

Integrated solutions

Our media and creative teams collaborate to develop cost-effective assets for continuous testing and optimization of messages, offers, formats and more.

A vast network of media partners

We have deep relationships with TV and CTV networks and publishers that span multiple decades, enabling us to deliver highly efficient CPMs for client partners.

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Leading edge technology

We’ve invested heavily in proprietary and partner adtech solutions that deliver highly customized reporting, analytics and proprietary sourcing algorithms and attribution models.

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How We Do It

The most cost-effective way to build your brand

  • DRTV creates a halo effect in other channels such as retail sales, paid search, paid social and website traffic
  • Promotes the brand and moves customer through consideration to sale
  • Availability on any TV network or CTV publisher
  • Placement of media schedules within chosen dayparts
  • Strong frequency with multiple media length exposure options
  • Ability to reach any audience through enhanced targeting
  • Daily performance reporting when in flight
  • Flexibility allows for media optimization on the fly
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