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Media Impact Report #24 | Advertising Marketplace Updates

In this edition: Linear TV is in high demand, so advertisers need to plan ahead and secure inventory in advance. The Upfronts will continue through May, virtually. Consumer privacy updates are impacting platform targeting, tracking and measurement

Virtual Event Recap: Reach Back As We Rise

Panelists shared their stories of breaking into the industry and professional tips. We have found that Black talent rarely secured their position through the traditional application process. Instead, it often began as a conversation with someone who became their sponsor or advocate within these companies, who then opened their network by offering them a referral or even a position on their team. These conversations took place at gyms, through cold email outreach, at conferences, on trains, and even at work. Our panelists highlighted these journeys and shared resources on how to break into the advertising industry.

Media Impact Report #23 | Advertising Marketplace Updates

In this edition: Facebook has shortened attribution windows ahead of the iOS 14.5 rollout, resulting in fewer reported conversions in the platform. Linear television viewership has declined since the increased levels in 2020, with week to week volatility driven mainly by news, weather and sports. Super Bowl LV in 2021 experienced lower overall viewership in linear year over year, with more engagement in digital platforms.