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Currencies, Clean Rooms, and the Up/Newfronts

In May 2022, Rain the Growth Agency's media team participated in the Upfront and Newfront presentations. These events represent updates from our media partners including new programming, attribution partnerships, distribution updates, and more.

Stream On: The 2022 NewFronts Trending Topics

The IAB NewFronts, similar to television’s Upfronts, is an annual event showcasing publishers’ upcoming programming and “new” viewing formats to ad buyers. This year’s focus can be categorized into two buckets: connected TV (CTV) and social media.

Rain the Growth Agency Announces New Women’s Reproductive Healthcare Benefit

Rain the Growth Agency has announced a new women’s healthcare benefit allowing employees and their partners to travel to Oregon to receive women’s reproductive healthcare services if they do not have local access due to the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Upfronts Recap 2022-2023

We recap the 2022-2023 Upfronts, including themes, new programming and more.