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Senior Segmentation: The Boomer Silver Tsunami

The Baby Boomer demographic represents a large and influential segment of society totaling roughly 70 million people. Given the size, accumulated wealth and Boomer buying power, marketers shouldn’t ignore this age group. Consequently, Rain the Growth Agency developed a Senior segmentation identifying three discrete Baby Boomer cohorts.

Why Brands Should Embrace the New Wave of Older Audiences

As an agency obsessed with audience identification and scale potential based on real customer purchase data, we have clients that we have successfully scaled in all demographic categories. Still, our depth of experience in the 55+ category is unsurpassed, and we want to share it with the world. Here are some of the ways brands can harness the Boomer Silver Tsunami and authentically engage with their older audiences. 

The Case for “Always On” Media

The pandemic and advertisers’ behavior gave us a once in a lifetime test bed for evaluating different media strategies. As CPMs rose to new heights in 2021, some brands began pulling out of Linear TV and OTT, while others maintained their presence. This has given us a laboratory view to analyze results across several different video approaches.

Virtual Event Recap: Reach Back As We Rise

Panelists shared their stories of breaking into the industry and professional tips. We have found that Black talent rarely secured their position through the traditional application process. Instead, it often began as a conversation with someone who became their sponsor or advocate within these companies, who then opened their network by offering them a referral or even a position on their team. These conversations took place at gyms, through cold email outreach, at conferences, on trains, and even at work. Our panelists highlighted these journeys and shared resources on how to break into the advertising industry.