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Marketplace Notes: Upfronts Update

After a correction year in 2021-2022, the upfront TV marketplace began to stabilize with networks pushing for volume. Early reports show that they have not gotten as much volume as they were after, which is supported by eMarketer’s predictions.

July 2022 Media Impact Report

The July 2022 edition of the Media Impact Report includes an Upfronts update, OTT growth trends, details on our strategic partnership with iSpot and key takeaways from Programmatic I/O Las Vegas.

Targeting Diverse Audiences for Growth

For brands looking to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition, targeting more diverse audiences can, and should be, an integral part of their advertising strategy.

Currencies, Clean Rooms, and the Up/Newfronts

In May 2022, Rain the Growth Agency's media team participated in the Upfront and Newfront presentations. These events represent updates from our media partners including new programming, attribution partnerships, distribution updates, and more.