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Infographic: OTT Digital Video: Who’s Watching What

In this infographic we break down three demographic groups that we can compare and contrast based solely on consumption of OTT digital video: streaming only, mixed platform and linear TV only.

April 2022 Media Impact Report

The April 2022 edition of the Media Impact Report highlights why and how advertisers should start considering gaming as part of their strategy, the importance of a strong normative database for efficient campaign analysis and how to market directly to your target audience through OTT.

OTT Basics

Multiple research firms are forecasting massive investment increases for OTT media. We break down the basics to help brands looking into OTT advertising.

Google Premier Partner Status Harder to Achieve in 2022

Rain the Growth Agency is proud to announce that we have been awarded Google Premier Partner Status for 2022, as a part of Google’s updated Partner Program. While there have always been requirements for eligibility for the program in the past, Google raised the threshold for Premier status as of February 2022.