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One Last Push: How to Boost Holiday Sales

Take advantage of key data segments to hone in on your audiences via custom data segments. We provide examples of audience segments available via our data providers, which can be activated across digital and addressable channels, just in time for one last holiday push.

Will Boomers Redefine Retirement by Stepping Up and Giving Back?

Given the sheer size of Baby Boomer demographic, that group has had an impact on every decade since the 1960s.  Our team examines how the 55+ group, specifically those who are retired, behave economically, environmentally, and politically.

Senior Segmentation: The Boomer Silver Tsunami

The Baby Boomer demographic represents a large and influential segment of society totaling roughly 70 million people. Given the size, accumulated wealth and Boomer buying power, marketers shouldn’t ignore this age group. Consequently, Rain the Growth Agency developed a Senior segmentation identifying three discrete Baby Boomer cohorts.