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Rain the Growth Agency Expands Digital Capabilities

Rain the Growth Agency is expanding its digital capabilities to support clients with the latest tools and technology to drive transformational growth. The addition of new roles and expertise will support continued growth in OTT investments, paid search and paid social advertising.

Social Media Trends & Takeaways: How to Read the Numbers

The pandemic has continued to encourage consumption of social media content across platforms. Implementing a diversification strategy with bespoke assets for each platform is key to capitalizing on user trends.

Viewing Pleasures: Best Practices for Your OTT Creative

Savvy marketers today can take advantage of the digitization of the small screen and the increased usage of CTV devices, along with the overall rise in digital video usage. Given OTT’s ability to deliver one-to-one engagement, as well as video storytelling, it can be used as both an awareness channel and a performance channel depending on how the media campaign is set up, and what creative messaging is paired to the campaign.

Remote or Paris, How about Both?

Our CREW has proven we can work well remote. We're continuing to evolve to provide more flexibility and opportunities for meaningful engagement, and revamping our Portland headquarters. We might even host a "pop-up" office in Paris, who knows?