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Infographic: OTT Digital Video: Who’s Watching What

In this infographic we break down three demographic groups that we can compare and contrast based solely on consumption of OTT digital video: streaming only, mixed platform and linear TV only.

OTT Basics

Multiple research firms are forecasting massive investment increases for OTT media. We break down the basics to help brands looking into OTT advertising.

Video Media Consumption Trends

As traditional linear TV viewership has waned for many audiences, over-the-top (OTT) consumption has continued to grow, offering new avenues to reach consumers with targeted messaging.

The Case for “Always On” Media

The pandemic and advertisers’ behavior gave us a once in a lifetime test bed for evaluating different media strategies. As CPMs rose to new heights in 2021, some brands began pulling out of Linear TV and OTT, while others maintained their presence. This has given us a laboratory view to analyze results across several different video approaches.