What We Do

For over 20 years as a direct to consumer agency, we’ve helped countless brands experience transformational growth. We have a unique POV and a proven methodology for scaling DTC businesses. We call it Transactional Brand Building—because it delivers on sales and branding goals simultaneously, without compromise.


It’s all about being intentional. Measure twice; cut once.

Our Transactional Brand Building system sets the stage for success. Armed with a suite of proprietary tools and advanced modeling methods, we can discover everything we need to know about the category, your business, and your audience. And from these powerful insights, we develop an actionable strategy.

Our creative brings strategies to life and objectives to fruition. We don’t compromise on results—our sales messaging methodology moves customers from impression to action faster, and is proven by billions of dollars in historical sales. We use every form of expression to drive success through all channels—and we’re one of the most prolific creators of direct response video advertising of all time.

We are a seasoned media powerhouse with over 50 media buyers and planners. We take an agnostic view of the increasingly fragmented media landscape, and deliver better ROI by layering communications through the customer decision funnel. Our team structure is a unique blend of long-standing direct relationships and programmatic expertise, with a specialization in video across linear TV, OTT, addressable, and programmatic.

Our team continuously develops and upgrades technology to track, guide and manage your investments. We’ve dedicated millions to build proprietary analytics, reporting, and media tools to make sure every client dollar works efficiently and effectively.

ConsumerID, our proprietary audience segmentation and measurement solution, uses your customer data to define discrete segments in your current database and target them with media. And we use a suite of behavioral measurement tools to track campaign performance, including a unique blend of attribution and advanced modeling techniques.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose
Rain the Growth Agency
as a Marketing Partner

  • 1

    Seamless integration of customer journey touch points, each aligned to a common business objective

  • 2

    Proven track record of phenomenal brand growth, while also achieving ROI goals

  • 3

    Unsurpassed service, affirmed year after year in our annual client survey

Our Work

Our work has generated billions in sales and shaped dozens of brands. Even in the most challenging categories, our clients have experienced transformational growth.

Our Latest
Insights & Updates

Media Impact Report #17 | COVID-19 Pandemic Advertising Ecosystem Impact

Robin Cohen, Vice President, Group Media Director

In this edition: Sports fans are loyal viewers and eager for the return of live sports. Ad-supported OTT is gaining more viewers, with 78% of U.S. consumers willing to see ads to access free streaming content. Digital device listening crossed the 50% threshold for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sports Fans Are as Loyal as They Come

Cinde Orlick-Driban, Supervisor, Media Planning

What happened to the loyal sports fans when COVID-19 caused all activities to come to a grinding halt? The cancellation of live sports was very upsetting to many fans and created a massive hole in many advertisers’ media buys. There has been so much uncertainty lately, but one thing is certain, these sports fans are loyal. Marketers have been hard pressed to find ways to fill the void of live sports on their media buys, but the wait for the original impressions draw is over.